Phantom GT Academy SE AG

€ 84,95 € 59,95


for the FRAME, a two-piece composition has been chosen, an exterior developed with a Synthetic microfiber of greater thickness and durability and an interior, which we see from the lacing to the collar made with an elastic thread for optimal fit and comfort. On the inside side of it adds a triangular piece with greater texture to increase the grip on contact with the ball.



Thanks to the new FRAME and Dynamic Fit Collar, the American brand has implemented an inner layer as the structure that keeps the foot completely sealed and wrapped. All this is topped with a “classic” exterior. As in previous models, we see as the laces divert toward the outside of the boot like the old T90s for a much cleaner kick.



SOLE with stabilizer bridge, conical studs complemented by wide rotated studs so that turns become much easier.



Those players looking for a Boot of low range to compete to federated, which offers maximum sensation in contact with the ball and a personalized fit. for use in all types of artificial grass fields.