Voltage white gold contact grip 4 mm NC V 3.0

€ 70,00 € 52,50

- Grip part: White Contact Grips 4 mm + 3mm latex, one of the best materials produced by a German manufacturer. For a very long time of use, it retains its grip properties at the highest level.

- 3D embossing: Special designed embossing makes the glove perfectly fits the hand and gives the glove a unique look

- Surface: designed for playing on natural turf

- Weather conditions: It works perfectly in dry and rainy conditions

- Negative cut: the seams are hidden inside the glove for better contact with the ball

- Fastening: a wide strap ensures stabilization of the glove on the hand and the silicone tip makes it easy to unfasten the strap without latex losses

- Glove backhand: has 3mm latex new basic extra soft and 4mm padding which makes the glove very well on the hand and supports the strength and precision of ball fisting.