Superfly 7 Elite MDS FG

€ 289,95 € 207,50


The new upper of the Mercurial series includes a new flyknit which favours more interaction with the ball compared to the previous generation. The ACC technology is still present and the synthetic Nike Skin layers covers all the surface to protect the flyknit.



Thanks to the new knit upper, the German brand has included an inside layer to completely lock the foot down. The padding of the heel acts as the perfect heel counter and the anti-sliding insole will prevent any roll-over inside the boot.



Nike has chosen a forked sole. Weight is reduced to the minimum and functionality is improved. The triangle studs in the metatarsal area provide traction at the maximum speed and the ones in the heel help to brake and pprovide stability.



Developed for those players competing at the maximum level and looking for top-tier football boots to squeeze their speed to the limit on natural or last generation artificial grass.