€ 68,00 € 47,50

- Grip part: White Giga Grip latex 4mm + 3mm padding, very much popular latex Giga Grip produced by the German manufacturer is combining high gripping properties and very good durability.

- System Protection: protects fingers against injuries, has the option of inserting and removing individual stiffeners. Recommended for goalkeepers who want to prevent injuries or recovering after finger injurie.

- Surface: designed for playing on natural and artificial turf

- Weather conditions: It works very well in dry and rainy conditions                                                              

- Roll Finger cut: this is currently the most popular cut among goalkeepers, ensures the most comfortable grip of the ball and maximum fit.

- Fastening: a wide strap ensures the stabilization of the glove on the hand and the silicone tip makes it easy to unfasten the strap without latex losses.                                                

-Backhand glove: has 3mm latex new basic and 9mm padding which makes the glove very well on the hand and supports the site and the precision of the ball punch. Carefully designed embossing makes the gloves fit perfectly into the hand during use.