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Elite Real is one of our goalkeepers’ favorite gloves, due to their exceptional latex performance, and the classy touches of silver and gold sparkles on the fingers and wristband of the off-white gloves. This model is the best roll finger cut glove for keepers with wide hands. Real gloves are made for professionals, but are accessible at all levels of play at this price point.

4 mm of Elite Contact M latex + 3 mm of backing foam.

Palm Cut
Roll Finger cut with double wrapped thumb and side.

5 mm durable GS latex + 3 mm reinforced backing foam on the Shock Zone for optimal power and support when punching and blocking. Incorporates a high-tech Air Ventilation Management AVM™ fabric developed by Elite Sport that enables air circulation within the gloves, reducing sweating and slipping.

Finger Support
No finger support in these gloves.

Wrist Closure
10 cm wide elastic wristband and 360 degree, 9 cm wide latex wrist strap to provide more stability and adhesion. Rubber pull tab to secure the wrist strap.

Professional goalkeepers and amateurs wanting to use an outstanding-quality glove.

All weather. Performs best when the palm is kept damp.

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