Tiempo Legend VII Elite FG

€ 219,95
At last, Nike brings a kangaroo leather for Nike Tiempo's top tier. An ultra-smooth leather that will adapt to our feet in a matter of minutes and that has an specific inner structure to prevent the skin from overstretching as well as getting rid of the outer seams on the upper. Another innovation is the tongue made with the knit used in Nike's technical socks that provide elasticity and cushioning to reduce the pressure of the laces.
From the midfoot to the heel, the Flykint technology reduces the weight of the boot. The inner heel counter has padded sections to lock the foot in place without losing comfort and along with the Brio Cables, visible on the eyelets and the anti-sliding insole, they offer more support during the most aggressive actions without any unwelcome slips on the inside of the boot.
After remaining intact for two generations, with this seventh there is a completely new design. The upper is very flexible and the distribution, although similar, combines studs of different shapes: triangle and bladed on the heel to provide more stability, and conical on the forefoot, where there is also a central stud to offer more traction when braking. Finally, a triangle and a bladed stud on the tip provide more traction in sprints.
Maximum-level players looking for a football boot providing traditional sensations thanks to the natural leather upper and a customized fit that can't be found in any other model. To be used on natural or last generation artificial grass pitches.